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Time heals

Posted by lmvjohnson , 28 May 2014 · 95 views

Wow how time has flown by, a year and all the pain feels so far away! My therapy has ended. I miss my T but my mind seems to have taken over and has stopped me from feeling to much.  She was my only outlet, the only person who made  me feel safe and secure, the only person that told me I was a nice person, the only person I drew confidence from. Now she is gone, nothing but a name in my contacts list. I feel like I'm floating with nothing to offer, nothing to offer myself or anybody else. I feel like I'm just getting by. The past four years has been so painful and yet I prefer that to what I am feeling now. Contained in my box once again, for all eternity.

If you are still hurting you should tell her. If you still need her I think she will understand. I am afraid of that to after therapy, but if I still need her I am going to tell her. We deserve to get through this. I am not sure I believe that everything will be perfect, but I think that there is something better and we deserve it. I hope it works out for you. I know how it feels inside that box with no one else. Here if you ever want to talk.

I agree with voice. If going back to see her is an option maybe you should contact her. If she is no longer an option maybe someone else? You have the right to heal.

Thanks Lolli & Voice, I would love to contact her, but unfortunately she has said no calls and has said emails in an emergency only - so feeling like I can't really write to her either. It sucks saying goodbye!

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