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Words...They are just petty things right? Well they hurt!

Posted by XxForeverASongBirdxX , 11 April 2012 · 93 views

"You're ugly,Be thankful someone loves you like I do"
"Baby,You're not doing it right...AGAIN! do it again you worthless Whore"
"You don't like that? then i'll do it harder!"
"You are a slut! No one will ever love you!"
"Babe,you're worthless to everyone! everyone but me and you arn't thankful for what I have done to you! you are a whore arn't you?"
you're a slut, and you enjoy this don't you?"
"*slap* i love you, and you know that" (this is bugging me soooo bad)
"f**** me harder! f*** me faster, and don't cry on me you're tears arnt worth it."
"you're my little whore."
"sweetheart, im so sorry for what Ive done to you." (honeymoon phase i did not buy it one bit)

I am so sorry! You don't deserve that at all. None of that is true and I promise not all men are that way.
Apr 12 2012 10:15 AM
I know they arn't all like that...I want to beat him again I'm over what he DID not what he SAID
makes me cry everytime closest way to break me

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