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Court case.............

Posted by vlb1982 , 17 April 2012 · 18 views

i have an inpending court case, against my father for historic child abuse, hes given a statement and denied anything ever happened as was to be expected, im now waiting for the case to go to crown prosecution service, if they dont take the case i can accept that, if it gets thrown out due to lack of evidence i can accept that but what if it goes through trial and he gets a not guilty........how will i feel then.....i need some sort of justice, some validation for my hurt and pain and the chaos thats unfolded from the abuse, i still dont feel the full emotions of what happened and when i look back i cant seem to see it happening to me as a child i always see it as me now, but it wasnt me now i was a little girl, a helpless 9 year old vulnerable little girl that just wanted love and acceptance from the most important person in my life, the betrayal and abandonment hurt more than anything else, i felt like id been lost, like my father had left me and being replaced with a monster that scared me, i still needed love and affection and care and support but i felt like that came at a price, i remember as a kid when my father hugged me all the pain went awaty and everything was made better but after the first time something happened that pain never left, nobody could make it better and take it away, the pain was relentless, constant aching exhausting pain.........surely that deserves some justice......surely their should be punishment and my dad should answer for and acknowledge what hes done........he hurt me, he left me, he caused me so much pain............

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