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Into the Woods


I'm not here to just please you

Posted by kanata , 30 August 2013 · 114 views

My brother hurt me a lot. My brother hurt me a lot. My brother hurt me a lot. My brother hurt me a lot - That is all that is going through my head these days and I'm getting angry that I just can't process it to the level my therapist wants.

He says to feel all the feelings of the events but not too much. To not do a memory at night unless I com...



Posted by kanata , 28 March 2012 · 65 views

I figured out what the problem is. I have been waiting for my family to WAKE UP! To respect my feelings the way I respect others. That is never going to happen. They may have raised me to always put others first and consider myself a bad person if I don't but they haven't learnt the same lesson.

Screw them. It is time to put my emotions firs...


T away

Posted by kanata , 18 March 2012 · 85 views

It is just my luck to be in the middle of a crisis due to the anniversary and have my T go away for a week. He has tried his best to help me while gone by picking two of his colleagues for me to call, and letting me call his answering machine and e-mailing him. He tried to offer more help. To go to a place where they have supervision for a week. A safe pl...



Posted by kanata , 10 March 2012 · 85 views

A large part of me wants to erase everything I said this week to people. To rewind the days and not have told my family doctor that I had been attacked. I didn't go into details but just nodded my head when he asked. I want to take back that whole visit.

I went because I was panicking and searching for any answer I could find. Hoping that maybe ther...



Posted by kanata , 07 March 2012 · 62 views

I could write this in my journal but I feel like I just need to get this out of here, out of my head, out of my house.

I've been choking all day and no one notices. Odd that. How I can be feeling like my veins are going to explode out my neck and that I'm sucking in air through a straw yet have "normal" conversations with people around me...


My dog is my saviour.

Posted by kanata , 07 March 2012 · 76 views

My dog Annie saved my life. I try to explain that to people but no one gets it. They say that I love her too much and that I can't make my dog my life. But she is. She is all I live for now.

I've had her four months today. A month before I got her I was in the ICU for a suicide attempt. While in the utterly useless psych ward I had a dream. In it...

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