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The Eve of Christmas

Posted by SFP , 24 December 2012 · 29 views

Family gatherings bring along with it Christmas triggers. I'm surprised at the emotions that I am having, and have for the last few days.
My mother is in town, not to excited about it and I feel bad because of it. I love my mother, but damn if I am not still angry at her. Getting together with the whole family tomorrow, not looking forward to that either. We aren't a close family really, and it's only lately that I have come to see this. I wonder is this my depression talking or a reality of which I didn't want to see, maybe a bit of both.
I will go, put the happy face on and endure it until it's over. That's sad when I think about it though, having to endure Christmas with the family but what can I say, at least I'm being honest with myself.
Take care...................

Dec 26 2012 02:27 AM
Thanks for sharing. I did this for years, went to the family's house for "show". I didn't go for the first time ever this year. I feel much less "spazzed out" and I'm glad. I am working on MY life now. I get to have my feelings, and it feels good.

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