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Angry dreams

Posted by beansy , 07 February 2013 · 31 views

I had the funniest dreams last night. All of them were me raging. In one I went out with some colleagues of my ex bf and I ended up throwing a full hand and fist tantrum on the floor, smashing a bunch of stuff in the restaurant. Then, in another one, my sister and I were running away from my mother. We ran into a forest (actually the forest behind my old elementary school) and we found a bunker to hide in. We ran in and hid in one of the rooms in a bed. I told her to stay quiet because I thought that my mom and my stepfather were there already and she wouldn't be quiet. Then the door opened and they were both there. I got out of bed and started fighting both of them physically. I don't remember it being very successful. but I was fighting pretty violently.

I had a tonne of conflict dreams after that too that I can't remember.

I have had dreams like that to hun probably just alot of built up stress hun over the day or week and it comes out in anger in our dreams hugs to you
thanks for the hugs fairies :hug:

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