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A Plea

Posted by FrozenRose , 17 August 2013 · 106 views

I'm tired so tired of being like this. Please let me change. Please let me feel and be human not trapped in a frozen pond of perpetual anxiety known as LAKE PTSD. Please let me move, let me do, let me touch, feel, laugh, cry, whatever..... BE HUMAN!!!!

Please let me back into society so I can sit at a table and drink coffee with my friends and not shake so I spill my drink, or stare awkwardly at the counter so the waitress doesn't see the filth at the centre of me.

Please, please let me be a person. That's all I want. Not Ferraris, Rolex watches and private jets.

I don't ask for much.......


Safe hugs, FrozenRose, if its okay? You are a human, just healing. I'm so sorry things are very overwhelming right now, I wish too that I could sit and drink coffee and feel 'normal' and stop my heart racing when its my turn to say what I'd like to order - but we are. :blanket:
Thanks for your reply. Sometimes things are just so overwhelming it's hard to see a way forward, but we carry on don't we? xx

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