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If You Haven't Been There...

Posted by LostWolf , in Venting 27 May 2012 · 157 views

...then don't you DARE even TRY to tell me "how to deal with it!" :rant:

Just because I choose to keep the baby does NOT mean I "asked" for it!! If that's what you think, you can go to hell!


This was said to me by someone recently. Someone I really would not have expected to hear it from. You know what? It's NOT the child's fault he was conceived! It's NOT my fault I was raped! And I will NOT punish a child for sins he did NOT commit!

If you think my choice of keeping the baby means I "wanted it" or "asked for it on some level" then stay the hell away from me, because the next time you say something like that to me, I am going to deck you so hard your momma will feel it!! :gaah:


People REALLY need to get that through their head! We had NO SAY and NO CHOICE in what was DONE to us. Do NOT try to take our CHOICE in what to DO with our pregnancy and make it into an admission of GUILT! I am SO SO SO SICK of the victim-blaming crap!!

*snarls* F*k 'em, the whole lot of 'em! :hissyfit:

...just had to air that and get it out. Think I feel a little better now.

May 27 2012 06:44 PM
I'm sorry that happened to you. That takes a lot of courage to do what you're doing. I couldn't do that. And you're right, whoever is saying that you asked for it can go to hell. I can't believe that someone would have the gall to even insinuate something like that. What's important though, is you and your baby. And when he/she comes, it's going to be wonderful. Despite how it happened, it's going to be a wonderful and life changing experience. Best of luck to you and your little bundle.
People have that kind of gall a lot more than I like to think about. It pisses me off, always has, but right now it's a sure-fire way to set my trigger right off and I am very likely to explode in their face. Which I did with this person.

It's a boy - we know that because they ran some extra genetic testing since we don't know the parentage of the sperm donor, and I'm over 30 myself.

I've had six miscarriages in the last 13 years. If this one can hold on, then I'll be glad for him and accept him willingly, if only because maybe in thos one way, something good can come of what happened. I do believe everything happens for a reason, and while I might be going through hell dealing with the aftermath of what was done to me, if I can hold him to term, I'll be grateful for him. And it might be that this was the only way for another. Who knows. We don't know WHY things happen, they just do.

The individual who said that to me got decked in the jaw. >.< I have a nasty temper when it's angered, and they managed to set it off. How DARE they?? I mean, really?! And this person had a picture perfect childhood, doesn't want their little glass house shattered or their perfect little world tainted by what I bring to the table.

Well, they can drop off, then. I don't need them.. and I told them as much, too.

Hoo. Just thinking about those words gets me burning under the collar! to say something like that to someone who had NO choice in what happened to them is just... rediculous!! Yeesh.

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