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Word Vomit


Dear Diary, My teenage angst bullshit has a body count...

Posted by beautiful*disaster , 23 November 2013 · 212 views

Taken from my personal diary entries from the past couple month**
TW for ED/SU...I don't censor my personal writing... although I did edit one part.
October 4th, 2013.
I feel like I'm drowning. Like I've been pulled back out to sea and I suddenly forgot how to swim. How have I managed to find myself back at this place? I was doing so well...My mood...


So Much Noise

Posted by beautiful*disaster , 18 November 2013 · 121 views

I have so much going on in my head that I don't even know where to begin....
I've been having a really rough time. Things seem to be getting even more out of control than normal. I can see how I am sabotaging myself, yet all I can do is sit back and watch it happen. I can't seem to do anything to stop it- perhaps deep down I don't want to do anythi...

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