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Posted by kjw9311 , 04 December 2012 · 90 views

So my friend, one of 3 people that i've told, mentioned my family christmas party being on the 29th last year...I had my wisdom teeth out before the party, because i couldn't eat anything. The day of my **** was 2 nights before. I remember because i had the surgery on a tuesday, and my **** was saturday night/sunday morning and on that tuesday i cried because my mom took my phone away from me. But-i distinctly remember texting Nick about sneaking out, the night of the party, which would mean it was on the 15th, and not the 29th. Am i just over-thinking this? I've thought that the 1 year mark would be on the 16th...but what if i'm wrong??? so confused. Plus, i still don't feel good. Dreams are getting weirder and anything i eat makes me feel sick. I'm just stressed. wishing i had more people to talk to.

Sorry to hear your stressed right now, i hope you can find some time to relax.

Take care

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