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A Good Day (for the most part) :)

Posted by kjw9311 , 21 January 2012 · 29 views

Well, today went better than expected, until he texted me again. I went shopping with one of my best friends, and got a BOTDF official rubber bracelet. Makes me happy when I have something from a band I support (despite the fact that others don't approve). This is a link (at bottom of page) to one of my new favorite songs. It has A LOT of triggers (not in the lyrics, but in the video). I'm not even sure whether or not I should listen to it...It's just that for some reason, it calms me. But...yeah...not much else to say. He finally stopped texting me, and I've begun to save his texts incase I report him. I just wish he'd stop messing with me. And, to anyone who's told me I'm brave, I thank you. This has been extremely hard for me, just getting by each day trying to keep my head on straight. Also, a huge thank you to anyone who reads this, or messages me. :)

Random thought- I don't think I'm preg, but I might be wrong. Is it wrong for me to worry, only because it would be ironic that my ex and I tried forever with no results, and then I might end up with a kid from a guy I'd rather forget? Just something I've been thinking about....

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