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Issues with my Ex.... </3

Posted by kjw9311 , 19 January 2012 · 33 views

I just really, don't know what to do with my life anymore...I really wish I could move on and get over my ex, but, he was such a huge part of my life for such a short time :/ I've finally accepted the fact that I never truly loved being in college-I only loved being with him </3 Even though he was my only bf, he was definitely a part of me. I know that's why it's so hard to move on...but...it's just painful now to even think about what happened :/ I just don't know how to let go....and now that I've dropped college for awhile, I'm back home to where were lived when we were together. Everything in my room reminds me of him, and it's just hard to deal with this, and then everything else going on in my life as well. My counselor mentioned that getting over someone can take a long time, and it's an up and down emotional ride, not something that just happens one day....but I've been struggling with this pain for almost six months now. I just wish I could let go...I don't want to love him anymore </3

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