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Running away.

Posted by Dollygirl , 19 February 2012 · 41 views

Couldnt take anything earlier this week, so I went to the station, bought some train tickets for me and a friend, and left for Wales. Went to a small town, beautiful, and I escaped. But all I escaped were my everyday stresses. My memories, hurt, guilt, tears, fear, I can't run away from them. Why can't I run away from them? Why am I always so conf...



Posted by Dollygirl , 13 February 2012 · 39 views

I just need to write, need to vent, rant, cry, scream. But I just can't seem to, so I'll write. I'm so scared, I'm always scared, of something or other. So many things I've learnt to fear. People. I fear people, because, I always look for the best in ever single person, even if the flaws are obvious. I thought everyone was good, everyo...



Posted by Dollygirl , 05 February 2012 · 44 views

Feel like I'm falling, everything's coming crashing down, and I'm breaking. I'm breaking apart. Trying to be so strong, hiding the cracks and it's all for nothing. Want to just give up trying to be happy, it's just not happening.



Posted by Dollygirl , 02 February 2012 · 39 views

I wish people were naturally trustworthy, I've always been a trusting person, and I put my faith in anyone, because everyone deserves a chance. Until it happened, i shut everyone out, Now, I find it hard, because my natural instinct is to trust, but my trust has been misused in a major way now,more than ever before. People that I trust now, it takes a...



Posted by Dollygirl , 21 January 2012 · 35 views

Good or bad? Is there a right and wrong way to coping? Or is everyone different? There seems there's so many rules - don't blame yourself, be angry, don't be angry, cry, don't cry. What's wrong and what's right? And why? Why me! Why any of us? What did I ever do wrong? What did I really do to deserve this, because I must have d...



Posted by Dollygirl , 18 January 2012 · 38 views

I joined today, and I already feel like I'm not as alone as I was. I just feel scared. I have so much to say, but I feel as though I shouldn't. Im scared that I'll bother people, and I really don't want to bother anyone. I'm scared that I'm admitting I'm scared, because I'm the girl who tries her hardest everyday not to cry...



Posted by Dollygirl , 18 January 2012 · 42 views

I am new to this, I dont know what to do or what to say, but I just feel I want to talk to somebody, anybody. I've tried counselling, and it went horribly, I asked for her not to say the word, and she tried to bully me into saying it, by using it in every sentence. She told me that the only way I could get on with my life was to say it, but I couldn...

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