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Posted by Dollygirl , 21 April 2012 · 83 views

And it's all my fault, when I was drunk, I got scared and emotional. My best friend was with her boyfriend but I had loads of other close friends there, but I didn't want to find them, I wanted to cry. It was a house party so I found myself a bedroom and cried.my friends came in, and demanded to know what was wrong. Being so drunk, I told my friend C, and she looked terrified, and I don't know why I told her as she's not very trustworthy but she swore on her and my life, she wouldnt tell a soul.In that moment I just needed someone to talk to. I've only told one friend before and that was beyond hard and painful.
So, I go home and sleep, sober up and go out early the next morning. My mum calls me and asks if I need picking up, and as she offers, I say yes.

We drive for 10 minutes, and then she pulls up by the side of the road and turns off the engine. She says she got a call from C's mum saying I got r...... Was it true?

Its not fair. Im not ready for my family to know, yet now they do. I wasn't ready. I don't want them to know. They can't help it, but they look at me differently now. Like I'm a fragile, broken child. And I guess I am, but home was my only escape. Escape from the false smiling all day long and then false laughs. Now I have to keep myself together here too. She promised me. And out of all the people for my parents to hear that from, somebody they don't know, who in the same conversation afterwards told my mum about her bathroom tiles.. Definitely the worst people. My mum looks crushed, my dad looks hurt and my sister is angry. At me.

I can't deal with this shit. It isn't fair. I can't be myself anywhere anymore. Always have to prove I'm fine now.

Apr 21 2012 02:40 PM
That is hard to feel betrayed again and by your friend. Im sorry about the looks from family I understand that the look in their eyes isnt the same anymore. Its not your fault, t is hers for opening her big mouth. I hope you get some support maybe from your mom I didnt think my mom understood and didnt talk to her about it for yrs but when I did she was more perseptive thatn I thought. I hope pandys is a confort to you also. ~Stillbreathing
If I were you, I would ignore her completely and distance yourself from her. If she demands on talking to you, agree to meet, but then you be the first one to talk. Tell her to her face how much she disappointed and hurt you. Tell her to her face that your relationship with your family is not the same because of her. Tell her to her face that you will never trust her completely again. You have every right to do that. Only YOU can decide what should and should not be told, and to whom, and how.

Are you going to be able to press charges?

Thank you both so much for reading :(
Still breathing - It just hasn't sunk in that she did this to me,or her mother. My mum said to me, 'it wasn't right that I had to hear it from her' and I agree, and feel worse now. Now it's wherever I go, and in the way they look at me :'(
Annie - I want to, I don't want to speak to her again, she's ruined everything :'( I know I won't be able to hold the grudge though. If I confronted her, she'd get upset, just to get out of the conversation, and I'd feel bad and apologise :'( nope, can't press charges :(

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