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Posted by Dollygirl , 21 January 2012 · 47 views

Good or bad? Is there a right and wrong way to coping? Or is everyone different? There seems there's so many rules - don't blame yourself, be angry, don't be angry, cry, don't cry. What's wrong and what's right? And why? Why me! Why any of us? What did I ever do wrong? What did I really do to deserve this, because I must have done something. I wouldn't wish this on anyone ever. Nobody deserves it, not even someone truly terrible. Am I worse than truly terrible? I was good. I didn't swear, drink, do drugs. I didn't ask for it. Why would anyone want that? The worst thing is, these questions won't be answered and that is what bothers me, and upsets me. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if I understood why I deserved what happened, but I'll never get to know, :( I just want to know :'(

Hi Dollygirl,

You did not deserve it. It's hard to hear and accept, but someday you will get there. No matter what anyone said or did not say, no one deserves to be raped/abused.

I don't think there is one way to heal. Everyone copes differently.

Please keep writing if it helps you. We are (I am) listening.

Take good care,
u can drive urself crazy with that question, "why?" there IS no reason, it's an unanswerable question. the closest u can get is, he was an ass hole, he wasn't thinking, and there is no reason that u ever deserved his carelessness. u didn't do anything to deserve wat happened. it's rly, rly, frustrating, the "why's". there are no why's. and there is no really "correct" way to cope. whatever works for u, is right, i guess. if you don't feel like opening up to ppl yet, then u don't have to. feel the way u just feel.

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