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daughter SI,might trigger

Posted by DTC40 , 23 September 2013 · 135 views

I have a 15 year old daughter who has Asperger syndrome and has started to become depressed and has started to SI. She came to me crying saying she had not told me earlier because she did not want me to be disappointed in her. I assured her that I would never be disappointed in her. I spoke to her about SA, in fear that something might have happened. She has assured me over and over that nothing happened. Just that she was fearful with her Aspergers she might not be able to accomplish the things she wants to in life. I want her to go to a counselor but she refuses and says if I take her she will not talk to them. She gave me her knifes and razor blades last night telling me to hide them and that she is having thought of suicide.
I have been talking to her and she says she feels better now that she has told me what is going on. I do not want to put my head in the sand and hope this goes away. I feel like I am stuck. The only thing she will agree to do is take 5 HTP which is a natural anti depressant. I am not sure what to do, I think admitting her to the hospital would make things worse because of her Aspergers. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hmmm, how about thinking outside the box. A therapist that is a reiki practitioner, or a shaman (certified), equine therapy, going to an art therapist?

My daughter wouldn't talk to her counselor and said many of the same things, but we went to other types of assistance like above. Eventually because it wasn't a "medical or psychiatric" setting she opened up and had healing for some areas.

Just a thought. When it comes to our children and issues as serious as suicide, I became very open to any type of healing assistance.

Take good care, and best of luck. Keep the options and doors open that always helps.

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