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settling in

Posted by DTC40 , 24 March 2013 · 82 views

Things are beginning to feel normal, like a routine. I got a referal to a doctor and possible way to get my meds at a discounted price. All things that had me worried. It has been cloudy and kinda cold or to me anyway, lol. I am always cold. I was hopingSome for a sunny day today so I could take the kids to the beach my youngest daughter is still young enough that she is totally amazed with the water and beach. It looks like it might rain though today.

Next month real mattresses are definately on the list of things to get, air mattresses from wal mart are just not getting it. My back is out every morning. There is nothing like trying to roll off an air mattress on the floor and then try to get up on your hands and knees, crawl into the hallway and grab onto the shelf and pull yourself up, all while trying not to scream because your back is completely out of whack. It is always so much fun when someone comes and sits on the end of the bed and you go flying up in the air.

Somehow my oldest son Austin got a hole in his air mattress and proceeded to put super glue on the hole and then hold his finger on the glue for it to dry to stop up the hole. Wow, wonder what happened. This is a 20 year old who has a college degree. He is walking around today with bits of air mattress fuzz stuck to his fingers.

The anxiety and panic attacks have subsided and I am feeling better.

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