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Posted by DTC40 , 14 March 2013 · 39 views

I gave in and went to my ex husbands house where he lives with his mother for the kids to have dinner with them. My ex's sister was in the states from Israel and the kids had not seen her in two years and with us moving to Florida on Monday I knew it could be another couple years before they might get to see her. My ex has been acting so crazy that I would not allow the kids to go alone even if they are all teenagers. Plus my ex mother n law is always asking about me and wanting me to come to dinner when the kids go over there for dinner with her and their Dad. So, I gave in and went.

It was a stupid decision. My mother n law was pissed as hell that we are moving to Florida. She was ranting about not getting to see the kids enough. Funny for the past three years since her son walked out and left us she has not wanted the kids there. If the came over she always complained at how much money she had to spend on feeding them. If they stayed over night she would not let them take baths because she did not want to pay for the cost of the extra water. She made them feel so unwelcome they did not want to be there. At one point during dinner she turned and yelled at me, how are you going to cook down there. I was in shock. I was thinking they do have a stove and refrigerator in the apartment I rented.

My son said after I left the room they were going on about how we would never make it down there and we would end up on the street and have to call them to come help us. What jerks to say that to the kids.
It is amazing when I was married to her son we always had bad credit because he was always running up credit cards buying porn and sleeping with prostitutes. In the past three years I have been working to improve my credit so that when I applied for apartments in Florida, my credit rating was high enough I did not have to pay deposits on anything.

Their father gave up all his custodial rights to our son who is now 20 because he did not want to raise kids anymore he said. He never sees the kids or does anything with them. Yet they are all throwing a fit because we are moving. My ex does not care about anything but keeping me in poverty and stuggling. Once after he left we ran out of food and it was going to be another four days until I got another pay check. The kids called their Dad and asked if he could buy them some food, he brought over a dozen eggs and some frozen bologna that his mother had in the freezer that was rotten.

I know that it is a broken record with this family. I know I should not let them upset me. I just hate for them to be constantly negative about everything I choose to do. I guess that will be all over now. We will headed to a new home all the way across the country on Monday.

Guess I just needed to vent. We all came home cranky tonight even the kids were in a bad mood when we left. After dinner I went into another room and read a book so the kids could have alone time with the Dad, grandmother and Aunt. I do not know what was said but all the kids were in a very bad mood when we left. I have not pushed them to talk about it tonight. It is 2 am and no one has gone to sleep the kids are still pretty wired up and they are chilling out on their computers. I wish so much that they had a father who supported and loved them. I know he may hate me, so what most ex husbands hate their ex wives, I do not particularly care for him. However, I wish he would do act like a jerk to our kids. He is not hurting me, he is hurting them and in turn in the future he is going to look back and try to figure out why his children will not speak to him. That is even if he has the ability to care.

Mar 15 2013 07:41 AM
DTC!! I want to kick them!! I have not had the experience of an ex husband, but THIS one seems a tad bit more jerky than my friends' exes. But they are all evil. :angry: Sending good vibes your way, and safe travels!!!

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