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Posted by DTC40 , 11 July 2012 · 102 views

Went to Adanta and the crazy Nurse Practitioner decided that they would not prescribe the meds to me despite being told by my PCP that is what they are suppose to do. She offered me two other meds once of which was an allergy med and one that was a high blood pressure med to treat me. I told her she was nuts. I looked both up to be sure and there are no other uses for these meds that would help anxiety or depression. She was righting a script out one of these stupid scripts, I told her I would take the stupid thing anyway, fill it and throw it away. I then told her that I would not be seeing the counselor as I had asked three times to get another counselor as this one was not helping me. She got mad and told me to wait outside for the Psychiatrist. She then called me back and told me she was not going to allow me to see the psychiatrist she would call my Primary Care Physician and call me at home. She then called me and told me that she would not be prescribing any medications to me at all. To go to the ER if I had any trouble, WTF. I have come to the conclusion the that mental services in my state are beyond help.
DTC 40

That's really sad to hear, sorry you had to deal with that. I don't know WTF is wrong with people sometimes, especially those that are supposed to be helping. With your history I would think they know better that you're not just taking drugs to get high, I realize this is a consideration when prescribing lately. Still, it's evident that you needs these, you need to catch a break soon dtc....hopefully very soon!

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