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Nightmare meds

Posted by DTC40 , 07 July 2012 · 31 views

Doc put me on risperadol which is making me really really sick. Since my Primary Doc is on vacation the Pharmacist told me to half the dose, which is causing some distress. This is nuts I have not been on this med more than three weeks. I just can not seem to catch a break. I am angry and irritable, I want some normal in my life if there is such a thing. I do not want to have to go back in the hospital to have my medications tweaked. I am scared to go to the ER, what if I can not be placed in the same hospital, what if they place me in another hospital where I will get another doctor who wants to mess starting and stopping more meds. I was taken off of 12 meds and placed on 3 meds. My body and mind are going nuts, feels like too much to handle. I have an appointment to see my primary care physician in three days, I am trying to hold out until then so if she feels like I need to go back into the hospital then she can get me back into the same hospital.

The doc at the hospital that changed my meds will not see me on a regular basis as outpatient, so he sent me right back to the outpatient clinic that put me on the 12 meds high doses that attributed to the SU attempt. They refuse to refill the meds that he changed me too and do not want to help me anymore because of the SU attempt. I feel like I am falling through the cracks. When you are at your lowest seems no doc wants to help because they are afraid they might be liable.

I have spent a year asking for help from the outpatient clinic for my depression and they kept making my meds stronger and stronger, no counseling or help, just a nurse practitioner who I saw once a month who did nothing but take care of meds. I called the doc who treated me at the hospital and let him know since the attempt they refused to refill the meds he put me on, the receptionist was hateful on the phone and told me if the outpatient clinic did not want to refill my meds then they must feel that I did not need them and that was my problem not theirs.

I am scared to see my Primary care Doc, what if she refuses to help and will not refill the meds, soon in a few days I will be completely out of all medications, which would be fine with me, but what will happen with withdrawals and will I become manic or depressive again. Two of the meds help control my seizures, I am sure to go back into grand-mal seizures.

I feel like screaming someone please help me and stop throwing me back and forth from doc to doc. No one cares and they wonder why people attempt su.


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