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really hurt and confused

Posted by DTC40 , 01 March 2012 · 14 views

My wedding date is set for March 17th. My fiance is having a friend of hers stand up for her. The problem is she just ran back into this friend a few weeks ago that she had not seen for a few years. The issue is that her friend is addicted to pain meds and has begged me for my pain meds that I use for my cancer. The two times I have met her in person she has gone on and on about how she is not attracted to my fiance. Yet she called me one night and told me I should not be jealous that her and my fiance slept together. My fiance admitted to kissing her. I am not sure what to believe. They had a falling out and then yesterday they talked again and according to my fiance everything is fine and she is going to stand up at the wedding after all. I am totally not comfortable with this. I feel like there is a joke and I am the butt of this joke. I recieved a phone call from someone else last night that wanted to tell me that my finaces friend told her that I jealous of her.

This whole thing has turned into a teenage meladrama. I am 41 and I just do not have the time or energy to go through all of this. I want to talk to my fiance but I know her she will be upset that I am not willing to accept her friend. I am sure that if her friend comes to the wedding she is going to come plastered on pain meds and mess the wedding all up.

Just want to scream

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