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Not sure

Posted by DTC40 , 03 February 2012 · 99 views

Not even sure what to do. Depression has come upon me in the past two days. Having a hard time dealing. Called to get into therapist told them what was going on and they can see me February 10th. One week. No one seems to care. I do not even have the heart to try to find a hospital, I would probably end back up in Eastern State Hospital which is a nightmare, no counseling, no help. They would just keep me 72 hours and let me go, if they even admitted me at all.

Do not know what to do. Do not even feel like getting out of bed. I can not even pinpoint what is making me depressed. I feel trapped.

I was like this this past week. Its awful, horriably awful. I dont know if you are enrolled in college, but often they have a counseling center that can see anyone on an emergency basis. It's what saved my sanity yesterday.

If not, if you live close to a university, they still often, but not always do the same. Might be worth a try?

Hope you feel better.
Feb 03 2012 11:46 PM
Thinking of you... God knows you have plenty of stress in your life right now, maybe your depression doesn't need a reason more specific than that.

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