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Awful day from hell

Posted by DTC40 , 25 January 2012 · 88 views

I had to go 2 hours away to see a neurologist to fill out the paper work for me to get my driver's license back due to seizures in the past. It takes four to five months to get into to see this doctor. My ex promised to drive me in that our son works. So this morning he picked me and two of our daughters up and off we go.

We get there and he says we have plenty of time because his cell phone is hooked to a satellite that always give the accurate time. I told him it was an hour later than he had, however he was right ofcourse. So we went to the book store and then to Taco Bell and then to the hospital.

I was one hour and 15 minutes late for my appointment. They could not work me in so they had to give me a new appointment which is in May. I can not have the paper work filled out without seeing the doctor due to having blood work and such.

I am not sure if he did this on purpose or if he is just a total idiot, which could be the case as he was a total idiot the whole 20 years we were married.

He said he would take me the next time I needed to go. I said no thank you, I will make sure that our son is off that day to take me at least he can tell time. Every clock in this city was wrong buy his cell phone time. DUH.

I could not or would not cuss him out in the car because two of our daughters were in the car. He did not even take responsibility for it, his words were "well it was partially my fault". Does this imply that it was partially my fault and if so how the hell was anything my fault. I told him what time it was on my cell and ofcourse I was wrong. I was not driving the damn car he was.

I just sat in the back seat on the way home and took a pain pill. I was about to die from the pain of the bone cancer and listening to him going on was driving me nuts.

I'm sorry your ex caused you to miss your appt. That is so frustrating that you can't get another appt until May. :( Sending you positive thoughts.
Ugh, how frustrating... Here's hoping that tomorrow is a better day! (((DTC)))

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