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lowest since I have been since I was raped that I can remember

Posted by Aurora325 , 11 February 2012 · 47 views

So this week was my monthly rape depression week. It only lasted a few days but I am officially at the lowest since I was raped. And I realized that I have in a way been spiraling down. It all started with me spilling that I have been raped to a few people here. Add to it that its the time frame that I was both raped and sexually assaulted.

I was al...


time of the month where I'm feeling emotional about my rape again

Posted by Aurora325 , 07 February 2012 · 90 views

Back again after a long break :] having the monthly rape depression dammit lol. I live with this stuff everyday and I'm usually reminded of it everyday but once a month at least I go into a "rape depression" Its kinda a pathetic ohhhh I feel so bad for myself kinda thing. It seems to happen either when I have dealt with a recent trigger or...


What to do :]

Posted by Aurora325 , 18 January 2012 · 41 views

NEW BLOOG!!!!!!! I have been wanting to write a new one for a while so here I am! :] There are two things I would like to cover today. ONE: A question that has bothering me for quite some time. SECOND: My SAer's apology today.

So lets get started :D. Now I know most other people on here have been either SA or...


Dealing with friends knowing pt 2 :]

Posted by Aurora325 , 06 January 2012 · 47 views

Well I talked to my friend in the Marines and we worked everything out pretty much. I don't know about everyone here but I want to tell people that I am close to what happened. I don't mean everyone I mean the people who are closest. The best friends, the confidants, the boyfriend, and the family. The only problem is that I always feel like su...


Dealing with friends knowing

Posted by Aurora325 , 05 January 2012 · 46 views

Does this bother anyone else? I know its not my fault and that it was all them but even when I tell the story of my rape and sexual assault I feel ashamed. I can't look the person in the eyes and tell them how someone else hurt me. Besides when you tell, people usually don't know how to respond. Occasionally though you will get the one who know...


Now we jump to present :]

Posted by Aurora325 , 05 January 2012 · 50 views

The last blog was all about my past with C. This is about my present.

Little summery: C sexually assaulted me 4 years ago and every since has been emotionally abusive. I finally, though with the help of my friends, stopped listening to him and distanced myself from our friendship.

So today I was shopping at the mall with my dad. He wants some new cl...


This is how it all began

Posted by Aurora325 , 05 January 2012 · 44 views

Well hello to anyone who reads this. I just joined this site and I just decided to start blogging. Mind you I have never blogged before so I'm learning as I'm going. AKA bear with me :]. But to start off I feel I need to tell you parts of my past before I can get to present. Don't worry we wont do EVERYTHING all at once.....just chunks lo...

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