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How do you tell?

Posted by Aurora325 , 25 May 2012 · 153 views

So today I'm with my family in Indianna and my mom wanted me to show my aunt the tattoo that I got. Well I showed her and then I showed her the next tattoo I was going to get. First response was well that's big do you want that to show on your dress on the wedding day?! The question I always get. The question pisses me off this tattoo repre...


So i messed up :/

Posted by Aurora325 , 24 May 2012 · 143 views

I went a whole year with out hurting myself again and Monday night I totally blew it. I have wanted to cut my lip again but I have always resisted. Well Monday I was driving back home from Milwaukee and a song came on on my ipod. It was I Hate Everything About you by Three Days Grace. I started thinking about Casey the man who sexually assaulted me an...


Feeling better :]

Posted by Aurora325 , 08 May 2012 · 148 views

Lyrics from one of my favorite songs called Stupid Boy by Keith Urban.
this song is for any girl or boy that has or is being abused.

Well, she was precious like a flower
She grew wild, wild but innocent
A perfect prayer in a desperate hour
She was everything beautiful and different

Stupid boy, you can't fence that in
Stupid boy, it's like holdin...

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