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Becoming enlightened.....

Posted by ButtercupPr , 06 January 2013 · 40 views

I am in CONSTANT struggle... Who is my ally; who is not my ally? Occasionally I step outside of my comfort zone and reveal a teeny part of myself to test the water. That happened this week.... A meme/photo came up on Facebook. "My rapist doesn't know he's a rapist" read the sign. A beautiful young woman in her 20s held the sign along with a brief description of her experience. I reposted the picture. I hesitated but went forward with reposting. I honestly felt that it would go "unnoticed", even by my feminist girlfriends. But.... I got 2 "like"s... From women I didn't expect would pay any heed to that "silly" post.

Then later that day one of those "like"s emailed me her story. The story of a woman who was sexually abused by a person in authority. A story that outlined a woman maligned and a man revered.

Why is this OUR shame? Why does our society lay the responsibility of the shame... The crime... The heinousnes on the innocent?

Good for you, Buttercup.

It is our shame because that is what it feels inside.

As more people become aware and take a stand it will become easier for those who have been SA'd to come forward, find the help they need and put the shame back where it belongs. By reposting that pic you are part of that movement.

Jan 08 2013 11:55 AM
I don't know I ask this question every day of my life? Why does the system protect the abusers? Why do so many men want to control and hurt women? Since when didn't we own our body? and why isn't there any help out there for people like you and me?

Why do people act like women ask for it? Or if they are slutty then they deserve it? Rape can even happen in Marriage... I just wish I felt like the world was a better place and less bad people had the power to corrupt the masses... I wish all the survivors could come together to ensure justice for not only ourselves, but future generations of girls (I know boys are victims too, but I just feel like women are blamed more and even in male cases of rape, they can be treated better in the eyes of the court) can live in place, where they wouldn't be blamed for the intent of another persons lack of control or respect in not wishing for sexual contact... I pray for a place in which I was blamed for breathing and that ownership and entitlement to my body came with the breath that provides the consciousness...

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