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It's been a long time.......

Posted by ButtercupPr , 28 May 2012 · 17 views

The last few months have been a whirlwind of crazy events and emotional madness. My husband and I have been struggling with some issues regarding communication and decisions regarding his son. Though the decisions about his child are his to make they affect me and our marriage which has created some serious strife; emotionally and financially. We had two major incidents during the winter break and then again during the spring break.

Then my grandmother had been declining mentally and physically for the last few years and then in April she fell which precipitated a serious decline which led to her death. She was 94 and led a full and beautiful life which we celebrated as a family. Her funeral was the last weekend in April.

Of course the court date to decide child support was May 1st, the Tuesday following my grandmother's funeral. My ex was fully aware of the event yet came to court unprepared. His argument to the judge was that he did not have time to prepare or to hire an attorney. Thankfully, the judge was not sympathetic to his pleas. I was awarded child support but his disability status placed us in the position of standing in front of the judge again July 31.

My youngest child is 14 soon to be 15 and I ADORE her. I couldn't love her more. I feel heart-broken that my greatest wish is that she graduate high school so that I am no longer in his grips. I feel shame and sadness that it has come to this. That I am no longer in a place where I can enjoy my children at the age/stage that they are due to my ex's desire to hurt me through them.

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