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Monsters come out at night....


It's been a long time.......

Posted by ButtercupPr , 28 May 2012 · 15 views

The last few months have been a whirlwind of crazy events and emotional madness. My husband and I have been struggling with some issues regarding communication and decisions regarding his son. Though the decisions about his child are his to make they affect me and our marriage which has created some serious strife; emotionally and financially. We had t...



Posted by ButtercupPr , 18 February 2012 · 10 views

My husband and I had therapy this week. We have been fighting terribly. So, back to the therapist we went and will continue to go. Who knows what the real roots of our arguments are. But, in therapy it always seems to go back to my first marriage and how the abuse I endured affects me and my current marriage. Like a crouching tiger, memories and thei...



Posted by ButtercupPr , 09 February 2012 · 47 views

I have a cat whose name is Max. He is a gorgeous kitty. I chose him from the shelter because he was so fluffy and purred when I held him. I wanted a pretty fluffy kitty to keep my feet warm at night, to snuggle with me, and to be my companion. I paid the shelter fee and I brought him home. I was so happy to have this darling fuzzy cat. He was so ado...


Tick tock, tick tock

Posted by ButtercupPr , 09 February 2012 · 8 views

It's funny. The dance we do. We had an argument about the children a week or so ago about medical care. He wants them on welfare. I don't. The attorney contacted him about not looking for a job and involving the court if necessary. I also volunteered to pay all out of pocket medical on my plan. It's been a week. Nothing. I knew this...


And now it starts

Posted by ButtercupPr , 25 January 2012 · 39 views

My story is ongoing as is all of ours. None of what has happened in the past ever stays in the past. Sometimes there is a lull but then things awaken again. Things are about to awaken in my story. I spoke to my attorney Monday about revisiting child support with my ex husband. Up until a year ago he had been paying child support for our children. Th...

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