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Posted by HiddenPoet , 15 January 2012 · 38 views

Dream 11.1.12
Someone called me from my T's rooms during the break and told me that I needed to come in to see the nurses for some tests at the building at 10am on the day my sessions start back. I went to the building and went up the stairs into the eating area on the landing. The area had been completely renovated and resigned and it looked very mo...


In response to a thread about the idea of your therapist reading your posts

Posted by HiddenPoet , 15 January 2012 · 54 views

I have wondered what it would feel like if my T read my posts. I have told Ms T about Pandys and I have also emailed her the link to it so she can understand where I am getting support from and maybe suggest it to other clients where relevant. I have quoted parts of my posts in emails to her when it saved me from rewriting it. last week I even emailed...


Dream 1.1.12

Posted by HiddenPoet , 01 January 2012 · 45 views

I was in a therapy session with my current therapist "G" after the break. I was talking about my relationship with my ex therapist "J", and how she often felt cold and emotionally withholding to me. I had some unanswered questions about some things that happened in my therapy. G suggested that we go to visit her and ask her...


Dream 31.12.11

Posted by HiddenPoet , 01 January 2012 · 32 views

DREAM 31.12.11
I was waiting for my therapy session. It was at the Middle School (Yr 7-9) and I was waiting in the corridor for my therapist to open the door to the therapy room and ask me to come in. I waited and waited expectantly but the door never opened. Then I saw her in the distance running to a meeting being held in another room. She looked li...


train to nowhere (a poem for my therapist)

Posted by HiddenPoet , 20 December 2011 · 51 views

Train to nowhere

You put me on a train to nowhere.
There you are standing steady on the platform
Sending me off, a packet of supplies, cut lunch in hand,
a piece of paper telling me when to come back.
But all I have to carry them in is a too-cold eski
already jammed up with a little girl's sundresses.
You fill the disappearing time
Waiting with a...


Why my Mum cut me out of Christmas

Posted by HiddenPoet , 16 December 2011 · 49 views

The reason my Mum cut me out of Christmas was because I raised with her that my then four year old daughter disclosed that my mothers second husband (who I did not know was abusive until this point - my father was the abusive male in my life) touched her inappropriately (either while I was in the house, or while I left for an hour). My mother does not bel...


Therapy update (moved from my story)

Posted by HiddenPoet , 07 December 2011 · 41 views

So, I had a really hard therapy session today. I talked about degrading sexual experiences i allowed myself to have when i was 18-21, where I allowed myself to be used as a sexual object by guys. I just zoned out while they penetrated me, and sometimes I cried but I said I was ok so they could continue until done. I talked some more about my memories of C...


Strange dream about therapy break

Posted by HiddenPoet , 05 December 2011 · 66 views


I was at some kind of therapy centre, which I had stayed at early on in a long journey I was going on. We had an Art class where we produced some kind of artistic expression of how we were feeling. I did a painting of a dark churchyard garden with graves, with an old tree in it and a door in the middle of the garden leading to an even darker p...

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