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Posted by HiddenPoet , 15 January 2012 · 46 views

Dream 11.1.12
Someone called me from my T's rooms during the break and told me that I needed to come in to see the nurses for some tests at the building at 10am on the day my sessions start back. I went to the building and went up the stairs into the eating area on the landing. The area had been completely renovated and resigned and it looked very modern and funky. There were couches on the opposite side of the building, and book cases all along the corridor.
The nurse came to get me for my tests, and took me down the corridor and out to the back of the building where they had set up small tents for testing and recovery. There were a number of patients in the tents eating sandwiches and recovering. While I was still standing up, the nurse gave me a blood test in both arms at once with really long needles, and it really hurt. When she took the needle out there were open holes in my arms where blood kept spurting out and she made no attempt to stop the blood. I felt horrified, watching my blood draining the life out of me. The nurse said that I shouldn't faint if I am a strong person; but then I fainted and fell to the floor. They left me there, until I eventually recovered and got up. I felt really angry about how they treated me - opening me up with needles and then leaving me to bleed and faint because the life was being drained out of me, and not attempting to stop the blood or take care of me before I left the building.
I went back into the building to find my T, even though it wasn't time for my session yet, because my session didn't start until 5pm. I felt so angry about what happened, and I didn't understand why my T had ordered the tests to be done on me or what they were for. I found my T and I told her everything that had happened. I told her how angry I was with the nurse for how she didn't take care of me and left me to bleed and faint. My T listened with a blank expression on her face, and she didn't respond to me, like it wasn't significant to her or she didn't care. I felt hurt that she didn't seem to understand what I was upset and angry about.

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