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In response to a thread about the idea of your therapist reading your posts

Posted by HiddenPoet , 15 January 2012 · 57 views

I have wondered what it would feel like if my T read my posts. I have told Ms T about Pandys and I have also emailed her the link to it so she can understand where I am getting support from and maybe suggest it to other clients where relevant. I have quoted parts of my posts in emails to her when it saved me from rewriting it. last week I even emailed a part that I wrote about me feeling angry with her talking such a long break. she wrote back and was pleased that I had found an outlet for expressing and getting support. I would happily tell her my username, if it came up in conversation because a) there is nothing that I would say here that I wouldn't say to her directly eventually, and b) I have absolute confidence that she would not go onto this site, given that she hadn't heard of it prior to me telling her, because she would respect my space for expressing.
Regarding disclosures, I think they always need to be thought through and not impulsive, and be in the best interests of the client. My Ms T has told me that she has done her own lengthy psychoanalysis. She told me that when we were talking about me doing my own psychoanalysis with her, which involved increasing my sessions per week and moving from sitting up on the couch to lying down. We talked about this for a long time and what it might bring up for me, and how she wouldn't ever ask me to do something that she hadn't been prepared to do herself. Apart from that I don't know about her personal history . I know she has kids and a husband and where she goes on holidays etc.
One last comment regarding therapists who are less than adequate. It is really never okay for a therapist to put a client down in gesture, voice tone, facial expressions etc. I once had a therapist who used to put me down and be verbally abusive to me all the time. I put up with it for many years because i thought he was wonderful and experienced and clever, and i was a piece of crap. I became increasingly depressed and my self esteem was ground into the dirt. In the end, with support, I reported him to the licensing Board and he had to go through a court-like hearing and was eventually found 'guilty' of professional misconduct. That whole process of making a complaint and going through the court process was one of the most stressful and upsetting experiences of my adult life. I'm glad he was reprimanded but I am not sure whether it was worth the stress I went through and the retaliations I got from him in the process.
Sorry - I didn't mean to go on for so long. Whoops.

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