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Dream 31.12.11

Posted by HiddenPoet , 01 January 2012 · 32 views

DREAM 31.12.11
I was waiting for my therapy session. It was at the Middle School (Yr 7-9) and I was waiting in the corridor for my therapist to open the door to the therapy room and ask me to come in. I waited and waited expectantly but the door never opened. Then I saw her in the distance running to a meeting being held in another room. She looked like Liz (a teacher from school) and she had glasses on and long wavy blonde hair trailing behind her as she breezed into the meeting room. She breathlessly smiled as she entered the room in a flirtatious way, apologising for running late. I felt sad as I watched her because I realised that she had forgotten me and my therapy session. I felt like an insignificant, young, unattractive teenager who didn't matter to her as I was unimportant. I crept away so that she wouldn't see my feeling of shame in relation to her.

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