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I can have a healthy sexual relationship...I think.

Posted by broken.in.silence. , 10 May 2012 · 134 views

I love hanging out with a guy in my dorm. We are together every single day and share a large amount of common interests. Over the past month we have gotten sexual, and he has opened my eyes to the brighter side of sex. Tomorrow he leaves, and I don't want him to at all; I've been dreading it for days. But tonight I am sitting by myself while he takes another girl out on a date. I'm sure he will come over later, but I am hurt; not because he is with another girl but because we have never been on a date. A part of me feels like he is just using me for sex because I want to go on a date with him so bad. Now he will touch my arm or my leg in public, which is a large improvement from where we were, but we aren't dating even though I really would like to be. I respect that he also has feelings for another girl, and that she was there first but him and I have moved faster than him and her. I feel kind of selfish for wanting him and wanting her to not have him. I just want to feel loved, and I want him to show it. Part of me wants to tell him that it really hurts me, but he has a final tomorrow and I don't want to give him emotional problems for his exam that he is already stressed out about... :/

Ahhhh this is a tough predicament I would say talk to him after finals though for sure. You have feelings to and should be able to express them as readily as he can. I have been in similar situations but honestly communication is the key. Just broach it level headed and be like I know school is ending but where do we stand? You sound like you don't just wanna be the hook up on the side. I don't blame you. Do some soul searching are u comfortable with just being fwb if that is ALL it will ever come to or do you need more? I think u just def need to talk to him at some point

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