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Posted by broken.in.silence. , 19 December 2011 · 148 views

Well, I guess I definitely won't be getting back together with my ex-boyfriend. He felt that he was more important than my finals and that I should text him while I drove home, which I don't approve of. He basically told me to just go away and never talk to him again, so I guess that is that. But I honestly haven't been that sad over it because there is a really awesome guy that said he really likes me in the town I live in. He makes me feel beautiful and happy, but I am afraid that once he finds out about my abuse and rape he will just feel sorry for me, and once he finds out that I used to cut he will not like me anymore. I just wish life would be easier sometimes...

Dec 19 2011 11:56 PM
if you choose to tell this guy those things about you, then it won't make any difference to him if he likes you for the wonderful person that you are.

sorry to hear about your breakup but honestly it sounds like you are better off without him! :hug:

sending good thoughts :)
Apr 18 2012 12:13 AM
Sorry that I never replied. Things didn't work out with the guy in my town; turns out he is a complete jerk just like my ex in this post. *sigh*

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