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Oh dairy intolerance, how I love you...NOT!

Posted by broken.in.silence. , 20 October 2011 · 64 views

Today, for the first time in four years I decided to have a smoothie with my friend. Due to my chronic illness, I developed a small dairy intolerance. It normally doesn't affect me, unless I have an excessive amount of dairy in my system at one time -- eating only cheese, drinking milk, etc. A few hours after I drank the smoothie, I realized why I haven't had one in four years. I became very sick very fast and ended up having to miss pumpkin carving with an organization I'm in and my boyfriend. He understands why I couldn't go, but he was still bummed out that I wasn't there with him, and I'm sad that I didn't get to go too. I was really looking forward to going and then I was stupid and spaced of something that has a huge impact on my life. *sigh*

Oct 21 2011 03:40 AM
I can relate with the lactose intolerance. :toomuch: Your tummy gets all messed up, in every possible way. Yuck! Usually for me, it means laying on the couch for a day. Sorry you have that too. :(

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