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some men..

Posted by sandra18 , 29 September 2011 · 85 views

why do some men do this, what are they thinking when they rape someone.
men do not understand a womans pain.
women think about it constantly, we sometimes have thoughts of blaming are selves especially when we are really feeling low. but DONT! it is never your fault you hear me never and dont let him try and make you think it was.
but we are strong and can make it through this..

i don't have answer for your questions, maybe no one does have an answer, but i understand what you said..
you're really strong sandra :thumbsup: :yay:
anabella :hug:
I've often wondered the same thing myself. I think that men are only thinking about themselves when they rape women. There is some moral and compassionate part of them that is missing, and replaced with something much darker and evil.
thank you for your kind words :)
some men proberly think since i want it im getting it and since they may be bigger,stronger and taller they can over power us and get pleasure out of it.
but they never understand how us women feel after a traumatic experience like that.
i just dont understand why they do things like that what are they thinking..it confuses me.
but we are strong and can make it through it!!!

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