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Symbolic dream

Posted by Irishleo , 06 September 2012 · 124 views

Last night I dreamed that my husband and I were walking on the beach in the sand beside the ocean and holding hands. We stopped into a restaurant, and sitting in the back alone at a table was a therapist. We took turns meeting with her separately. She told me that our marriage was unhealthy, but that my husband was going to be fine now that I was separated from him. I was so sad, and couldn't figure out why she was saying that since he was close by me. I couldn't hear anything she said to him.

My husband and I left the restaurant together, walking hand in hand again. We'd just stepped into the sand again when I spotted a wooden telephone pole on the beach. We strolled over to it and I saw that there was a human heart stapled to the pole, with some kind of hideous black unhealthy growth on it. More of the therapists words came back into my mind, that my husband's heart had been filled with a deadly tumor, but now that we were separated his heart inside him was healed. (he had actual heart problems as a child in real life) I stood there in shock for a moment, just staring at my husband who looked so happy standing there in the sunlight. My thoughts were conflicted: I was truly happy that he was at peace with our separation, because I loved him and wanted him to be happy. But another part of me was heartbroken to realize that I was the tumor that was destroying his heart. That despite my love for him, that I was harming him.

I woke up then, feeling depressed.

Dreams sometimes appear so real with so much meaning that they create the mood of the day. I am sorry you awoke depressed. I know that feeling. It makes everything feel so heavy.

Wishing your day gets better. Many blessings
Thanks bellachai :hug:

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