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Reaching the end of my limit

Posted by Irishleo , 23 August 2012 · 103 views

It's official, my life sucks. I went to my college today and fought my case to get my financial aid reinstated. Without writing all the boring details, I will find out between tomorrow and the 2 weeks following whether I will get to continue attending. I gave it my all, if it doesn't work out I'm just giving up. I spent the entire day in meetings and driving to several different campuses trying to sort it out, there's nothing else I can do.

I'm so depressed. Several members of my family were talking tonight, and all joking about how this year I've had so many ridiculous or bad things happen to me. They were running down a list, joking at my odd bad luck streak like it was funny. Nice to know I'm a figure of ridicule to my own family. They all talked to each other casually about how much it must suck to have my life, ignoring the fact that I was standing right there. But they are right about one thing, my life does suck.

My daughter is the only reason why I haven't given up. But I'm in so much pain and it just keeps getting worse. EVERY day more bad things happen. I just can't do this much longer. I'm dying inside slowly. It's been happening for so long now, and I can't even recognize the person I've become from the person I once was.

Aug 24 2012 08:02 PM
I don't know what to say other than I am so sorry you are feeling so bad...:(

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