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Bird mites- please help!

Posted by Irishleo , 27 April 2012 · 139 views

For the last 8 months my family has been under attack by these horrible insects, and it is absolutely ruining my life. For anyone who is unfamiliar with these horrible beasts, they are part of the spider family. Just to begin with, let me say this is not an infestation that happens because someone is unclean or has an unclean house. I am an utter clean freak, so I assure you that's not the case. Anyway, what I am going through in my battle to rid myself of these awful creatures is truly unbearable and I can't take it much longer.

It all started last fall when birds began migrating south for the winter. Apparently these bird mites leave the nest after the birds migrate in search of another host to feed on. They got into out house through our chimney and attacked me, my husband and daughter. Because they are almost invisible to the naked eye (they are clear) we had no idea what was happening until it was too late. We were wrongly diagnosed with chicken pox, measles, viral infections, some mental problem where people think they have bugs crawling on them but don't, etc. The list goes on forever. My daughter began suffering chest infections and vomiting illnesses, and we were all covered with red bumps, and my husbands became infected and scarred him.

After online research I figured out what was going on since the countless doctor and hospital visits couldn't help us. We got a sample from my head (you can see the eggs they eventually lay and the skins they shed) and a lab confirmed we has bird mites. We hired a famous pesticide company and after 12 treatments (which helped but didn't eradicate them) the man actually robbed me of over 1,000 dollars of jewelry. I went to the police and he was arrested, but eventually he was let go because there just wasn't enough evidence. We did not have insurance so we got screwed. And of course, the company could no longer treat our house after that so the infestation got worse.

I recently tried just throwing most of our furniture and belongings out and moved, but the bird mites have followed and are biting us again. We have to shower twice a day and be constantly covered in either lavender or eucalyptus oils, which my five year old hates. They still bite us but not quite as much. I have to comb the mites and eggs out of my hair but it's impossible to get them all. I considered shaving my head completely, but it wouldn't stop them biting me anyway so I just cut half of it off.

Two months ago they seemed to be gone, and we were able to stop using the oils and pesticides. But then a few hot spring days hit and more somehow got into the house and it started all over again, but worse than ever. The brief respite was cruel because it gave me a glimpse of what life is without bird mites, a life I want so badly. :(

I have used Diatomacous earth, bleach, windex, 20 mule borax, and oils on the floor in attempts to get rid of them. I wash all the bed linens and clothes every day to try to kill them, but they even survive the wash cycle on the clothes most of the time.

It has been nearly a year of this, and I cry every day. I am on the brink of getting divorced as well, and the combination of these two things is killing me. I'm writing this blog in desperation and in the hopes that someone here has had experience with bird mites and beaten them. I need help.

I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. :(

Apr 27 2012 09:43 AM
How awful! I feel so sorry for you, having to put up with that. My father has his pesticide license. I will try to remember to ask him about it.
Thank you purplelikeme, I would be deeply grateful for any advice your father might give.

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