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My soul is exhausted

Posted by Irishleo , 29 December 2011 · 29 views

I just discovered last night that I have been robbed. Again. I don't know why I seem to get robbed on such a regular basis, but for whatever reason it seems to happen to me alot more than the average person. It's odd because I take more precautions than most people due to the fact that I've had so many things stolen from me. Anyway, I opened my jewelry drawer last night to discover that 90% of my jewelry was gone. I thought at first that maybe my daughter had taken it all to play with, but when I realized she hadn't and a deeper examination showed that the only pieces remaining were a few cheap and/or broken items it became obvious. Then when I checked in a different place (out of my daughters reach) and saw that my expensive watch that my husband gave me for my 30th birthday was also missing I realized I'd been robbed. The only person that's been in my house is a man that's been doing some work in the house for us, there is literally no one else it could be. I hate to accuse him in the very small chance there is some kind of mistake, but it's pretty obvious it was him since no one else has a key to the house and I had no choice but to leave this man in my house when I would be picking up/dropping off my daughter at school.

I plan on doing one more very thorough search of the house tomorrow before I call this man, but he's hardly going to admit he's a thief. So after that I will call the police but what can they do if I don't have any proof? I don't have any cameras in my house so it will just be my word against his. Granted there has been other times when I've come home to discover much more than just jewelry stolen, but having lost so much in my life my jewelry is really special to me. I am very sentimental, and the loss of it really hurts me.(sigh) SO tired and fed up with it all. 2011 has been one of the worst years of my entire life. It just figures that I couldn't enjoy the last few days of the year in relative peace. So I've got this crap to deal with in addition to everything else going on.

Between all the bad things that happened this year- deaths of several people close to me, my child's health problems, a marriage in its death throes, lost friendships, horrific flashbacks of sexual abuse, terrible living situation (house under siege from bird mites which are like little spiders that entered the house through a bird nest in the chimney and attacked us), and now this most recent robbery, I'm just worn down. I feel so defeated. I'm sorry for whining so much in this blog, but I have no other release available to me right now. My soul is exhausted. I have tried to be philosphical about what's been happening, but I just can't anymore. I'm tired of crying myself to sleep and just hoping things will be better in the morning, they never are.

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