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Make us stronger?

Posted by Irishleo , 30 September 2011 · 39 views

They say that adversity gives us the opportunity to grow, and that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. But does it really? When I look back at the abuse I went through, and the long term damage it has done to my life in so many areas, I don't feel it has made me stronger. It has made me weaker. I still carry on, as we all do, but I don't believe I am the person I would have been if I hadn't been molested. As hard as I try, I cannot erase what happened, or change the person I was molded to be because of it. It's not fair.

I feel like an angry child inside, struggling to express my emotions. That was MY body, no one had any right to violate it. Why don't abusers understand that when they assault someone that even after the physical wounds heal, the mental, emotional, and psychological ones don't? How can they be so cruel, simply to satisfy some sick sexual urge? I don't understand.

you're not alone my friend, i can relate :hug: :hug: :hug:

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