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This Earth Will Hold You


Fuck this shit.

Posted by turnip , 13 March 2013 · 15 views

Fuck it. I fucking hate having to be in a state of panic for hours and hours and hours. Is it because I ate wheat? Is it that I've been eating too much sugar? Not enough exercise? I have been *so good* the past week and a half and yet here I am a mess and I fucking hate it.

I want my life back, dammit. Not that I ever had it, I guess. I mean, what am...


From: Anxiety won't let go

Posted by turnip , 13 March 2013 · 15 views

That's a great point, Astrid. Guilt leads to a lot of anxiety for me, too. Guilt means I did something wrong and doing something wrong means that I'm not good/safe/ok.

I find guilt is a hard one to root out. Telling myself over and over that it isn't my fault rarely gets rid of the "dirty" feeling.

Source: Anxiety won't let go


From: What response do you want/what do you want to hear

Posted by turnip , 13 March 2013 · 20 views

This is a great topic.

Validation is big for me. Lots of days I still don't "believe" I was abused. There are things about my story that make me feel like I should doubt myself (no memories, stable family, didn't grow up in fear, to name a few).

I want to hear that you believe what happened hurt me, that I'm not just making a big dea...

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