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Self care day

Posted by turnip , 27 March 2013 · 33 views

Today I just need to rest. It is a blessing to be able to and it is what my body is screaming for. This pain used to be the norm but now it isn't and days like today I get to lay low, follow whatever can bring me pleasure or joy and take it easy.

The hardest part is feeling ok about doing things that also hurt me in some ways. For instance, playing videogames is something I really enjoy (Civ) and it helps me rest, but it also gets my wrists hurting. I get tendonitis and it doesn't hurt really bad but I know it isn't good for my wrists.

And eating chocolate. Part of me thinks I should just let loose and another part of me says, eat less sugar and don't get cavities!

It's just learning the balance. Learning where the line is drawn. It's good to check in with myself about things I worry about to consider the pros and cons. And then when I decide that playing videogames is worth hurting my wrists a little, to shamelessly play the games and enjoy myself.

Also, just for the record, today I have been doubting that I was abused.

Thinking of you. I know what it feels like to doubt the abuse. But you were abused...

You can think of it as a U-shaped valley (don't know why this geography metaphor popped into my mind!). It was caused by a glacier. Even though the glacier is not there now, we know it was there by the scars it left on the landscape. We know there was a glacier long time agai.

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