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Food Diary Day 3

Posted by DreamOn , 24 August 2011 · 85 views

So this morning I got up and exercised a bit before walking to work. I only had 4 dogs to scrub and dry before heading to the store then walking home. We havent been able to get a ride to the laundromat for awhile and I have run out of clean shirts to wear to work. (I dont have to have very clean shirts to groom dogs in, but its all the little hairs in the shirts that keep me from really being able to wear them more than once without being uncomfortably itchy.) I borrowed a tshirt from my boyfriend, but unfortunatly it was a little on the small side and close necked shirts tend to send me into flashbacks. By the time i walked up the hill I was almost running home to get the damn shirt off and try to get myself grounded. Still trying to ground myself now. May allow myself an extra glass of wine or 2 tonight. Ive been trying to cut way back on my alcohol intake since i know its alot of calories and carbs. I usually have about 6-8 beers tho, so only 2 glasses of wine the past 2 days is pretty good.

Breakfast-bowl of shredded wheat, glass of juice, water and some mango chunks
Lunch-large salad and water
Dinner-leftover potroast, bread, wine

And to soak up some of the alcohol, I finished a half a bag of flamming hot cheese fries.

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