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Food Diary Day 2

Posted by DreamOn , 23 August 2011 · 30 views

So yesterday went pretty well, except I really got a bad fit of munchies later on before bed. I had a few twizzlers and grabbed a few veggies i had cut up. (they are in clear containers in the fridge so they are the first thing I see when i open it up looking for something.)
Today Im walking back down to the Plaza. Gotta fix my bank account (ggggrrrrr freaking parents) and do a load of laundry so I have clean work cloths.
Im going to put aside the $2 I saved by not taking the bus and start a rewards bank.
IF i can lose 30 lbs I get a new tattoo
IF I lose 60 lbs I get a new piercing
IF i lose 100 lbs I get a full back tattoo

Each time i dont take the bus or dont by junk food at work Im going to put the dollar or two aside to pay for my rewards

Todays menu

Breakfast- Frosted Mini wheats, juice and water, and some mango chunks
Lunch-Large salad and water
Dinner-Leftover potroast, bread, water and 2 glasses of red sangria
Dessert- gummies and klondkie

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