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Can't I do stuff for me?

Posted by unicorn4 , 31 August 2011 · 92 views

Warning: Mild Swearing :angry:

I'm so irritated with my husband right now. Everything I do for myself, he complains about and then turns around and says all the wonderful, supportive things he's supposed to say. He's now complaining because I have a ton of photoshoots on Saturday (I'm a photographer...what's he expect me to do with my Saturdays?) because we have work to do around the house. Tough. I've had these shoots planned for literally months. We'll have to work around it. I have a freaking business to run. But he acts like this is just a hobby and not something that I plan on eventually living off of.

He's been the same way about my extra-curricular stuff. He tried so hard to get me to quit and I basically told him to shove it. So now he just gives me attitude about it. But he tells me it's okay for me to do this stuff! I get so frustrated with him.

And now I'm working on writing a really awesome paper for my professor (I wrote a 124 page paper for him last semester in a MONTH but now I have the entire semester to beat that record) and my husband talks shit about it. This is something that is so important to me and that I love doing and he says he supports me and he's glad I'm doing things that I love, but he complains so much about it. Sometimes he outright tells me it's dumb/bad/irresponsible of me to do these things, other times he's just really negative so I take the hint. I can't freaking deal with his shit sometimes!

I know I'm taking on a lot of projects and it COULD all be overwhelming, but it's all stuff I love to do so it really isn't. It only becomes overwhelming because I start getting anxious and frustrated because of his attitude. He's the reason I stress over this stuff but he uses the fact that I'm stressed as proof that I need to cut back.

I think he's being totally unfair and I just really needed to vent because I honestly have no one I can talk to about this. I try talking to him but he just makes excuses and tells me I'm wrong.

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