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Posted by unicorn4 , 27 August 2011 · 107 views

I'm finally at a point in my life where I have so many people that I could turn to if I needed help or support but I always find it difficult to really trust them enough to not look down on me for something. Even posting here, I always feel like people are just going to respond negatively to whatever I have to say or just ignore it. I'm not used to having people around who will actually be there for me in a supportive way and it's a little...confusing.

Instead of being thankful that I have a place to go (here) where people will understand and accept me, I just expect everyone to still think of me as a freak. And instead of asking for help when I need it from people who care about me (my husband, his family, teachers at school, friends), I expect them to think I'm just overreacting and being a loser.

Why can't I just accept that maybe there are people out there who legitimately think I don't suck? :unsure:

I feel like you reached into my brain and wrote my words. I have the same question but as I read the words I realize something simple. You mentioned that there ARE people you could turn to. The fact that you know they are here to help is the first step to accepting the help.

You've made me want to call and email everyone who cares about me today and tell them thanks for accepting me no matter how difficult I am. I may not be able to lean on them completely yet but I can tell them how much I appreciate the fact that they're there.

Thank you for this insight. I cannot answer the question as to why it's so difficult to accept the fact that people may just like you and me but I can tell them I appreciate it.

You've helped me!!! :banana: :cool: :thumbsup:

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