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A Cup of Bokeh...

Posted by GreyShades , 24 July 2011 · 95 views

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This image doesn't have some type of deep, significant connection to my past or anything. I just rather enjoy it because it's sort of a representation of the results of my venting. See, as much as I know I should, I have never admited to being an abuse victim. I have, rather, turned to writing as a source of venting. But this past year I started to encounter extreme writer's block and I just couldn't cope with any pressure whatsoever. And after about 2 weeks of suffering, I realized that every time I sat down to write I felt suffocated and my house seemed so loud and cluttered. It turned out all I needed was to find a nice coffee house I could walk to where the environment is peaceful. And writing at the coffee shop is like letting this exotic toxin control my hand. I never run out of topics or ideas or inspiration. And this image just seems to capture a little of this magic I seem to have found.

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