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Can't stop asking "why?"

Posted by Clemsta , 19 August 2014 · 126 views

Why would and how can anyone look at a innocent child and think horrid thoughts...
and then why would they act on them?
Damaging and scaring that innocence, smearing with darkness.
Why? When i see a child i want to protect them from all impure thoughts.
It sickens me to my core, all the stories of abuse on TV, in the papers.
Then the big question, as a woman, I have maternal instincts wired into my body, i see a child cry i want to comfort them... then why oh why would a woman sexually abuse a child. 
WHY did she touch me, i was 6/7 years of age... the nameless girl, repressed and forgotten for so many years.
I almost have accepted being groomed by HIM from the ages of 13-16/17. But her... why?
Can't help but wonder "WTF happened in her childhood for her to act that way towards me and my brother."
But... its no excuse. Being abused does not excuse for them abusing others.
My horrific experiences just makes me want help children, protect them from the world. Not damage them.
I look at them and can't help but feel sad about the innocence i had, and wonder why it was taken from me... but its nice to see children having that innocence and not being scared or damaged by those disgusting monsters who hurt children.
But why do these people exist? They serve no purpose and should be locked up and the key thrown away.

Aug 19 2014 10:50 PM

If you come up with the answer--let me know.  Along with the "what kind of sick SOB thinks his 3 year old daughter is a sexual object???"

it's disgusting and baffling... and very very sad :(

hope you're okay

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