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Feeling really anxious right now!

Posted by might4right , 10 April 2012 · 189 views

Tried to talk to my mom to narrow down the timeframe of my "medical procedure" when I was little. We narrowed it down to ages 7-9. I asked her if I was having the stomach aches at the same time. (nerve pains that the doctor was afraid was going to cause ulcers) Yes, it was around the same time. Then my mom said "And we really started having behaviour problems with you and couldn't figure out what was going on with you". WOW...so persistant urinary infections, genital inflammation, stomach aches and behaviour/emotional problems...and still you didn't think that maybe something REALLY bad was happening to me??????

Unfortunetly this has gotten me stuck back into a depression again that I am having trouble shaking. Maybe it really is time to try some medication...

Wow your post is the first time I have heard of anyone other than me who had repeated urinary tract infections from abuse. My mother still to this day says it was not from 'that'. I also wet the bed which was blamed on the 'weak' bladder I had. Ha so why is it I never had any more bladder trouble after she divorced him. My abuse by the evil step father occured from 4 1/2 til I was almost 10.

It was brave of you to seek out the time frame of your abuse from your mother. Obviously she is in denial of what happened to you. It is alright to take medication that will help you through this healing journey. The journey is depressing yet the light and rainbow is waiting at the end of your journey.


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